Nia Jax made a surprise appearance in The Royal Rumble
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Nia Jax returned to WWE for the first time since her 2021 release as part of the Women’s Royal Rumble in January.

The former women’s champion entered the match at number 30, and her music was played before the clock counted down in what was considered a huge botch at the time.

Jax was expected to continue working for WWE, but this has now since been confirmed as a one-off appearance, and she was able to open up about her botched return as part of a recent East Coast Autograph Auction appearance.

“No comment [she said when asked why her music played before the timer hit zero]. I can’t say. I know, but I can’t say. But let’s just say somebody was super excited for me to be back and prematurely hit my music. But they were really happy I was back. Let’s say that. But that’s all I’m gonna say [she smiled]. They [some fans] were hoping it was more of a permanent thing… I almost cried myself. I was nervous, a nervous wreck,” said Jax. [H/T]

WWE fans pushed for Nia Jax to make her return and join The Bloodline

Nia Jax’s Royal Rumble comeback began rumors that Jax was set to make her return to screens permanently before finally being added to The Bloodline.

At the moment, The Bloodline is having some real issues with Sami Zayn and Cody Rhodes, and new blood could be the thing to help the group overcome their recent problems.

Despite these rumors, Jax hasn’t returned since her Royal Rumble appearance, but Jey Uso has returned to The Bloodline and appears to be back on the same page as Roman Reigns ahead of WrestleMania.

Do you think Nia Jax will ever return to WWE? Share your thoughts in the comments section below…

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