Gundam: Witch From Mercury Season 2
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It seems as though the official website for the Gundam: Witch From Mercury anime series briefly listed a spoiler summary for the series’ imminently premiering second season. The sequel to one of the most refreshing and well-received Gundam series in quite some time, it is set to premiere on April 9.

While the summary is admittedly vague, it still very clearly makes direct references to events that took place after the original season’s episode 12. Thus, some Gundam: Witch From Mercury fans are accusing the series’ production team of spoiling the upcoming season for them, albeit unintentionally.

Gundam: Witch From Mercury season 2 spoiler-ridden summary reverted to synopsis of anime’s original premise

“Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch From Mercury” Anime Season 2 will start airing on April 9, 2023!

Image © Sotsu, Sunrise, MBS, Anime Production Committee

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“Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch From Mercury” Anime Season 2 will start airing on April 9, 2023!Image © Sotsu, Sunrise, MBS, Anime Production Committee

The spoiler-ridden Gundam: Witch From Mercury season 2 summary was originally posted to the series’ site on Tuesday, March 7. It was later changed to a synopsis of the anime’s original presence sometime before Thursday, March 9. As of this article’s writing, the site still has the synopsis of the original premise posted, which is as follows:

“Two weeks after the Plant Quetta incident. Suletta is at the academy, anticipating when she can reunite with Miorine. Miorine, on the other hand, has planted herself at the Benerit Group headquarters, watching over her father’s condition. New troubles emerge for the two, and they are forced to make a decision. With different feelings swirling in their chests, the girls face off against the terrible curse stirred by the Gundam.”

The updated synopsis describes how a girl named Suletta Mercury enters the Asticassia School of Technology, which is run by the Benerit group. This is the overarching plot of the series’ first season, with Mercury being the female protagonist of the series.

【New Trailer】
Mobile Suit Gundam THE WITCH FROM MERCURY Anime
Scheduled for October 2!


【New Trailer】Mobile Suit Gundam THE WITCH FROM MERCURY AnimeScheduled for October 2!✨More:

Based on the above description for the second season, her emotional conflicts with Miorine Rembran are the driving force of the upcoming season’s plot.

The second installment is set to premiere in Japan on Sunday, April 9, at 5.00 pm Japanese Standard Time (JST). A special program will also air on April 2 at 5.00 pm JST, exactly one week before the new season premieres on MBS, TBS, and 26 of their affiliate stations.

The first season of Gundam: Witch From Mercury premiered in Japan in October 2022 on MBS and TBS. Crunchyroll streamed the anime as it aired, which is expected to also be the case with the upcoming second season. The platform also produced the first season’s English dub, which began streaming on February 5, 2023.

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