Urfi Javed private bedroom photo went viral, people were shocked to see it!
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Private bedroom photo of Urfi Javed Photo is going viral which was shared by the actress herself. In this photo, this bo*ld beauty is seen sleeping with someone on the bed! The person sharing the bed with Urfi will blow your mind!

Urfi Javed Sharing Bed with Who: Urfi Javed needs no introduction today and everyone knows the name of this actress! As much as Urfi did not become famous because of her show, the actress became famous for her unusual fashion sense and strangely bo*ld clothes! This outspoken TV actress is known for her looks and her words and statements. Urfi is very active on social media and keeps sharing something or the other which goes viral within minutes. Some time ago Urfi shared a picture of herself on Instagram which went viral! There was no discussion about Urfi’s clothes in this photo because Urfi was not actually showcasing her fashion sense in it! This photo is of Urfi’s bedroom in which the actress is sharing the bed with someone. Who is she, let’s know…

Urfi’s private bedroom photo went viral

As we just told you, Urfi Javed is very active on Instagram and keeps sharing something new and sensational. The picture of Urfi we are talking about was shared by the actress through an Instagram story. This photo is of the bedroom of the actress (Urfi Javed Bedroom) and in this she is seen sleeping on her bed. The room is a bit dark but Urfi’s face is clearly visible. Urfi is not alone in this bed, see for yourself who is sleeping with Urfi.

With whom is Urfi sleeping?

Urfi is covered with a blue sheet and is sleeping on her side, pressing her head between her hands. Urfi is not alone on the bed in this photo, someone else is also sleeping with her. If you are thinking that Urfi is sleeping with some man here, then let us tell you that you are not right. If you look carefully at the photo, you will come to know that Urfi is sleeping with her pet cat. On one side of the bed is Urfi Javed and on the other side is her cat. This picture was shared by Urfi’s sister, Asfi Javed (Urfi Javed Sister Asfi Javed) which was later reshared by Urfi. Hina Khan wreaked havoc in bik*ini top, killer style captured on camera

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