World Baseball Classic Pool C Workout Day
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Team USA fans were treated to some power-hitting as Mike Trout led the onslaught over Team Canada in their third game of the World Baseball Classic (WBC). The game finished 12-1 in favor of the hosts, who are playing all their matches at the Chase Field Stadium in Pheonix, Arizona.

Such was the US power-hitting prowess that the entire batting lineup combined for a dozen runs within the first two innings. Canada could only answer back with a solitary solo home run as the game ended early in the seventh innings because of the Mercy Rule, where the point differential between both teams is more than 10.

Mike Trout led the charge early on in the first inning with a flyball to right field that cleared the wall for a three-run homer as Mookie Betts and Cedric Mullins completed the game with him. Subsequently, he was called Captain America by MLB on Fox’s Twitter account.

Some fans took exception to that as they don’t quite consider him Captain America even though he is the leader of the roster.

Fans recounted David Wright to be the actual ‘Captain America’ who was given the nickname during the 2013 World Baseball Classic.

Some Christian Pulisic fans also pointed out that the Chelsea FC player was one of the original ones nicknamed Captain America.

However, some fans were more accepting of Mike Trout being given the nickname after he and his team’s brilliant performance on Monday night.

@MLBONFOX I’ll accept this since it’s Trout.

Wright 🤝 Trout = Captain America

@MLBONFOX I’ll accept this since it’s Trout. Wright 🤝 Trout = Captain America

Mike Trout or David Wright, who is Team USA’s Captain America?

David Wright was a star player for Team USA at the 2013 World Baseball Classic. The nickname ‘Captain America’ was given to Wright by his teammates and fans due to his impressive performance during the tournament. He played in all eight of the team’s games and hit .438 with a tournament-best 10 RBIs.

The team had an early exit as they failed to win the WBC during that edition. Mike Trout, on the other hand, is yet to make it big wearing the US colors. This is his first apperance in the WBC but if he were to continue this form, Wright would be more than willing to share his title with him.

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