Remaining fixtures for all teams
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While the Premier League title race has been known to deliver drama, it is easy to argue that the relegation battle is where the spectacle really is.

After all, the stakes are enormous at the bottom compared to top. Man City or Arsenal winning the title will not change that much for either. Yes, Arsenal will feel like they are overdue, but both will still be in the Champions League next season, both will still be elite clubs, and neither will really lose anything if they don’t win the title.

At the bottom, it is completely different.

Nine teams are currently embroiled in a battle to save their Premier League skins and for the three that fail, the ramifications will tear through the very fibre of the club. They will lose status, riches, players, visibility and pride.

So, let’s take a look at the relegation run-ins for all clubs involved in the battle at the bottom.

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