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Nikki Garcia has commented on speculation that she and her sister Brie are set for AEW following news that The Bella Twins have officially departed WWE.

The Bellas earlier confirmed their departure from WWE after removing all mention of the brand via their social media profiles. The 2020 Hall of Fame inductees last competed in-ring during the Royal Rumble in 2022. As part of their departure, the pair announced they would go forward as Nikki and Brie Garcia.

As is so often the case with WWE departures, fans have speculated that the duo could be AEW-bound. There were more rumblings when it emerged they had been backstage at the promotion. Nikki addressed the speculation earlier today during an Instagram live post, outright declaring they were not going to AEW.

“That’s the same. There’s no hard feelings. I get because of everything in the past, especially the past maybe six months, it seems that way. We’re not going to AEW. I’ve seen a lot of that, because we are just there visiting Renee and Paige. I was like, I haven’t had an opportunity to take Matteo backstage to a wrestling event, and when he knew uncle Bryan was gonna be there, Matteo loves his uncle Bryan. Brie and I are like, we have to go see Bryan. The kids had so much fun.” – Nikki Garcia via Instagram Live

nikki confirms the bella’s aren’t going to aew on her instagram live!

nikki confirms the bella’s aren’t going to aew on her instagram live!

Brie has been married to current AEW star Bryan Danielson since 2014. The pair met during their time together with their former promotion so it was reasonable to expect that they could look to reunite once more. However, that doesn’t appear to be on the cards.

Bryan Danielson left AEW fans on a cliff-hanger regarding his own future

Bryan Danielson is another who will have questions about his future following his somber promo after he failed to capture MJF’s world title. The American Dragon was teary-eyed as he pondered whether the torture that he puts himself through came at the detriment of his family life. He suggested it may be time for him to “go home”.

There continue to be questions about his future and what ‘home’ could refer to. Whether it be a return to a former promotion like Ring of Honor or he could be hanging up his boots.

Bryan just missed out on the world title. He lost to MJF via submission during the overtime stage of his 60-minute Iron Man match. In standard regulation time, falls were scored 3-3.

Where would you like to see The Garcia Twins? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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