Molkki 2 Off Air: Why was ‘Molkki 2’ locked within a month? Vidhi Yadav and others were in bad condition by crying
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The serial ‘Molakki: Rishton Ki Agnipariksha’, which has been airing on Colors TV for the last one month, is going to close now. Vidhi Yadav and Ashish Kapoor starrer serial started on 13 February 2023. But its last episode was shot on March 12, after which everyone is disappointed.

Why do most TV serials go off air? Usually there are only two reasons. Either the TRP of that serial is not very good or that serial is being dragged for a very long time and there is nothing left to show in the story. But sometimes differences are also the reason for the closure of the serial. The latest example of this is the upcoming serial ‘Molakki: Rishton Ki Agnipariksha’ on Colors, which just started on February 13 and has now reached the verge of closure within a month.

The first season of ‘Molkki: Rishton Ki Agnipariksha’ (Molkki Rishton Ki Agnipariksha) was very good. People liked his story very much. Perhaps for this reason it was brought on the screen with a new look. This serial, which went on air on 13 February, has been closed within a month. It is being told that its last episode has been shot on 12 March.

That’s why ‘Molakki’ is shutting down

According to the report published in ‘Hindustan Times’, the reason behind the closure of this serial is the clash between the channel and the production house. According to sources, the show has been called off due to low ratings. This is also due to programming changes. The second source said, ‘There have been several clashes between the channel and the production house. The channel currently has five shows on air and one more is lined up. Besides this, the production house was seeking more budget from the network. In such a situation, this decision was changed overnight.

The lead actors of the show spilled pain

The portal spoke to actor Ashish Kapoor. He is playing the lead role in this show. Despite shooting the last episode, he shrugged it off saying that he didn’t know about it. Whatever you want to ask should be asked from the production. On the other hand, actress Vidhi Yadav, who made her debut with this show, said – This journey was short but wonderful. I got to learn a lot from this show.

Information was given to be closed on Holi

The actress told that the team had already informed her that the show would close on Holi. He said – this was sad news. We all were shocked. We are all disappointed too. Even I and some other people started crying during the last shoot.

Amar Upadhyay was in the first edition

Let us inform that in the first edition of ‘Molakki’, Amar Upadhyay was in the lead role. The show did 322 episodes and ruled the screen for more than a year. Now that its second edition is going off air, ‘Durga Aur Charu’ will be run in this slot instead. Bhojpuri actress Neha Malik became bold beyond limits, started shooting videos in the balcony in this style

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