Mateusz Gamrot vs. Jalin Turner
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Mateusz Gamrot, following his recent hard fought split decision victory over Jalin Turner at UFC 285, revealed the challenging circumstances that he faced leading up to the fight. Despite taking the bout on short notice, Gamrot encountered a variety of taxing circumstances that made his preparation for the fight all the more difficult.

In a recent interview with a Polish media outlet, Mateusz Gamrot provided additional details about the obstacles he encountered leading up to his short notice fight against Jalin Turner at UFC 285. Specifically, Gamrot revealed that he faced significant difficulties related to his P-1 visa, which caused delays and complications in his travel arrangements. Additionally, he encountered challenges navigating through multiple countries en route to Las Vegas, where the fight was being held.

The ‘Gamer’ revlead:

“I arrived in USA on Wednesday (2 weeks before the fight) and on Friday one of my manager, Primo, called me and he said to me: ”Everything is great but, there is a problem with your P-1 entertainment visa. You can’t fight without permission. Maybe you can return to Poland and try to resolve the case with the consulate.”

He further added:

“Man, there was two weeks until UFC 285 and I didn’t have visa.”

M. Gamrot tells how short-notice fight came to be at UFC285. Shocking circumstances.

16-17 days until fight – accept the fight and flight to US (ATT, Florida)
14 – problem with P-1 visa
7 – flight to Canada (meeting at consulate to get visa)
5 – flight from Canada to Las Vegas

M. Gamrot tells how short-notice fight came to be at UFC285. Shocking circumstances.16-17 days until fight – accept the fight and flight to US (ATT, Florida)14 – problem with P-1 visa 7 – flight to Canada (meeting at consulate to get visa)5 – flight from Canada to Las Vegas

After winning at UFC 285, Mateusz Gamrot wants Justin Gaethje or Charles Oliveira

Mateusz Gamrot, a UFC lightweight contender, is aiming to secure a high-profile opponent for his next fight after bouncing back with a win over Jalin Turner at UFC 285. Following his split decision victory, Gamrot expressed his belief that he deserves to face an established name in the division.

Gamrot, who lost a decision to Beneil Dariush in October last year, is interested in facing either Charles Oliveira or Justin Gaethje in his next fight.

During the UFC 285 post-fight press conference, the 32-year-old Polish mixed martial artist expressed his desire and stated:

“Right now, I’m No. 7 (UFC rankings), and I took a short-notice fight with No. 10. I’m sure I deserve someone higher than me, only top five. Now I have to wait in the future because Gaethje has a fight, Oliveira has a fight, and more fighters (have fights).”

He further added:

“I would like to get back to the octagon after summer. The best name for me is Gaethje or Oliveira. I think these guys are the best for my opponents because, yeah, I think so.”

Check out the entire conversation below:


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