Madhuri Dixit regretted giving a kissing scene with 20 years elder Vinod Khanna, said such a thing!
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Vinod Khanna Madhuri Dixit in Dayavan: In the film ‘Dayavan’ released in 1988, a hot kissing scene was filmed on Madhuri and Vinod Khanna, which was discussed a lot at that time.

c Madhuri Dixit Kissing Scene: Madhuri Dixit, famous as Dhak-Dhak Girl in Bollywood, was a famous actress of the 80s and 90s. Madhuri had worked in many films during her time, but one of her most controversial films was the film ‘Dayavan’ released in the year 1988, in which Vinod Khanna was in the lead role with Madhuri. In this film, a hot kissing scene was shot on Madhuri and Vinod Khanna, which was discussed a lot at that time. However, after giving this kissing scene, Madhuri felt very sorry.

What did Madhuri say after giving kissing scene

In fact, in the 80s, giving kissing scenes used to be a big deal. In those days hardly any A grade actress would think of doing such an adventure on the big screen. Meanwhile, when people’s heartbeat Madhuri Dixit gave a kissing scene with 20 years elder Vinod Khanna in the film Dayavan, there was a stir. According to the media reports, many people criticized Madhuri after seeing this scene, whereas, when Madhuri herself saw the film, she understood that there was really no need for this scene in the film because it did not add any value to the film. Was doing.

Then why did Madhuri give kissing scene?

Madhuri had told in an old interview that, ‘I come from a non-filmy background, because of this I did not know how the industry works then, I did not even know that you are not allowed to do kissing scenes. Can say. Perhaps this was the reason why I did not refuse to give a kissing scene in the film Dayavan. Let us tell you that after the release of the film Dayavan, Madhuri felt very sorry about this kissing scene. This was the reason that after this the actress had repented forever from giving kissing scenes on the big screen. Viral video: Avneet Kaur private vanity van doing such act video went viral, watch here

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