Liam Harrison is still recovering from his knee injury that he suffered inside the Circle
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Liam Harrison has been sidelined by one of the worst injuries of his career. At ONE on Prime Video 1, ‘The Hitman’ challenged ONE bantamweight Muay Thai world champion Nong-O Hama and came up short, losing the fight in the opening round due to damage done to his legs.

It was clear not long after that Harrison would be out for some time after a significant injury to his knee. The injury has forced him to turn down several contests, which is simply not in his DNA. The veteran Brit has been training since he was a teen and has amassed over 100 professional bouts. For Liam Harrison, there aren’t many things worse than sitting on the sidelines and turning down fights.

In a recent interview with The MMA Superfan on YouTube, ‘The Hitman’ spoke about his determination to try and make it through a camp and how that quickly changed:

“So I’ve been doing boxing training ever since my knee had gotten hurt, it’s only been pad work. When I came in to do sparring, moving around, having to move with a person, my knee just ballooned up.”

He added:

“It was quite a bad injury that I’ve done to it, so it was just — it would have been stupid on my part to try and get through that camp and possibly do some damage that can’t be fixed.”

Watch the full interview below:


Liam Harrison happy to get noticed and be on Floyd Mayweather’s radar

Muay Thai contender Liam Harrison doesn’t know the meaning of the word “no” when it comes to signing up for a fight. With over 100 professional bouts under his belt, Harrison has competed all over the world.

Currently sitting on the sidelines due to a severe knee injury, ‘The Hitman’ had to let a huge opportunity pass by him in the last month. The Brit was offered a chance to compete against Floyd Mayweather Jr. in an exhibition boxing contest at the O2 Arena in London. Whilst he was disappointed to have to pass on the opportunity, Liam Harrison was grateful that the contest landed on his table in the first place. Speaking to The MMA Superfan, he said:

“But it was nice just to get asked and getting recognized and getting noticed enough by his team and by Floyd himself. To put me in that sort of position where I’m the guy that they’re gonna look for for fights. So it’s nice just being on their radar.”

Harrison hasn’t competed in any way since his world championship contest against the bantamweight Muay Thai king Nong-O Hama. In the same interview on YouTube, Liam Harrison gave a rough estimate of when he expects to be back inside the circle:

“I might not be able to fight Muay Thai till back about the summer I don’t think. So maybe I could do it when my knee’s rehabbing or maybe in a year’s time.”

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