Lijnders says it is ´nothing new´ for FSG to be open to new investment
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According to a recent report from Calciomercato, Juventus are ready to put in a bid to try and sign Marco Verratti this summer.

The belief is that the Italian giants expect Verratti to consider leaving Paris Saint-Germain in the next few months, opening up the door for them to make a move for the 30-year-old Italian.

The report in question indicates that Verratti has been pinpointed as one of the primary reasons why PSG were eliminated from this season’s Champions League. Between that, and constant rumours of a sale, it does feel like he’s slowly but surely coming to the end of his 11-year stint with the club.

PSG’s owner isn’t particularly interested in selling him given Verratti’s longevity at the club, but things may be different within the managerial setup.

One thing is for sure – PSG didn’t just lose to Bayern Munich because of shortcomings in the middle of the park. They were outfought and outplayed by the better team.

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