Introducing Flow Dynamic – Under Armour’s shoe for all your training needs
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The all-new Flow Dynamic is a revolutionary blend of both, offering the absorption and joint protection of a running shoe, combined with the solidity and traction you would find more in a weightlifting shoe.

Promising the most versatile shoe yet and designed for the most explosive training routine from sled pulls and dead lifts at the gym to the fastest outdoor run – Flow Dynamic lets you run, lift, crush another set and meet those personal bests without needing to change shoes.

Flow Dynamic features ultra-modern technology from a special grip creating a more lightweight and seamless ride on any surface. It offers a responsive cushioning technology which provides a bouncy footbed, lightweight sole and added stability. The locked-in support keeps both your feet and ankle secure to support the foot during explosive movements and increases ground traction.

The Flow Dynamic range serves every workout!

UA Flow Dynamic is available now in the UAE in all Under Armour Brand Houses and at for AED 599.

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