Phoenix Suns v Chicago Bulls
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Kevin Durant may not be a traditional player when it comes to joining teams, but he’s still a strong believer in players attending college. In his most recent podcast, Durant shared his opinion of Bronny James potentially attending college before pursuing his NBA dreams.

KD said that he sees Bronny attending the University of Southern California. The All-Star forward believes that spending one year in college makes recruiting him easier. Additionally, James will get a chance to experience the intensity of college games at USC.

“Going to college, I feel like that’s a great route,” said Durant, who starred at Texas in his one and only college season. “Because it’s still on the big stage. You still got to show who you are on that big stage, and the tournament is still a huge thing.

“I would love to see Bronny in college instead of going the other route. I wanna be in real time, see what he’s doing and follow his journey.

“That’s [USC] what my guess was too. Was it USC, Oregon and Duke? It’s going to obviously be easy for ‘Bron to catch the games if he’s at USC.”

.@KDTrey5 on Bronny James:

“I would love to see Bronny in college instead of going the other route. … [USC] is what my guess was …”

Full episode available exclusively on Boardroom.TV tomorrow. 🍿

.@KDTrey5 on Bronny James:”I would love to see Bronny in college instead of going the other route. … [USC] is what my guess was …”Full episode available exclusively on Boardroom.TV tomorrow. 🍿

The path to the NBA isn’t easy, but players now have more options to showcase their talents other than attending college. These days, young players have the option to join other professional leagues overseas or enter the G League. With so many options, fans can get confused about how to monitor prospects.

If Bronny opts to go to college, he’ll have a slightly different path than his father, who was drafted No. 1 out of high school in 2003 by the Cleveland Cavaliers. He’ll get a chance to see the intensity level of college games, which could be useful once he gets his opportunity in the NBA.

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How long will Kevin Durant be out for the Phoenix Suns?

Phoenix Suns forward Kevin Durant
Phoenix Suns forward Kevin Durant

Injuries have never been easy to deal with in the NBA, especially for aging players trying to compete for championships. This has been the case for Kevin Durant as of late. His recent injury has put the Phoenix Suns’ goals this season in jeopardy.

Durant is expected to miss at least two to three weeks due to an ankle injury he suffered during pregame warmups against the OKC Thunder. The Suns are trying to make things work without another scorer who can make his own shots.


With only a few weeks left in the 2022-23 NBA season, it’s a mystery as to how he’ll be incorporated into the system. He’s already familiar with Monty Williams’ system, but that could change once the postseason starts.

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