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Scottie Scheffler, the 2022 Masters winner, is excited about the upcoming champions dinner scheduled to take place in April ahead of the major tournament. Interestingly, the LIV Golf players will also join the PGA Tour golfers at the dinner.

Despite the Saudi-backed series players being barred from competing on the American Tour, they are invited to the Masters, slated to be held from April 6 to April 9 at the Augusta National Golf Course.

Over the last year, PGA Tour players and LIV golfers have never missed an opportunity to put shade on one another, and now fans are worried about the champions dinner.

Scottie Scheffler, who recently won the 2023 Players Championship, opened up about the champions dinner with LIV golfers. He confessed that although golfers have joined the controversial series, they are still his good friends.

Scheffler said:

“I haven’t totally decided what I will say. I’m aware I have to say a few words, but, for the most part, it’s kind of a group thing. I’m not quite sure what the vibe will be like, but I think we are all there to play in the tournament and celebrate the Masters and celebrate all being past champions.”

He went on to explain that the champions dinner would be special and that he was interested in meeting all the previous winners.

Scottie elaborated:

“I think the dinner will be really special for all us to be able to gather again and I am sure we will put all that other stuff aside and have a good time together. Just because guys joined another tour doesn’t mean I’m not friends with them anymore and think differently of them as people. They are still my friends and we are all just gonna hang out and have a good time.”

“We are honoring another man” – Zach Johnson talks about champions dinner highlighting Scottie Scheffler

2007 Masters winner Zach Johnson also opened up about the champions dinner. He confessed that the dinner will be focused on Scottie Scheffler.

Speaking about the dinner, Johnson said:

“I’ve had a couple of conversations with the powers that be. We all look through the lens of what that evening is established to be and what it forever is going to be and the mere fact that we are honoring another man. That’s going to be my outlook and how I’m going to approach it. Bottom line, that guy played really good last year and deserves a celebration and all of us to be there and let him buy me dinner.”

Previously, Tiger Woods also talked about the champions dinner and explained that it will only focus on Scottie Scheffler.

He said:

“We as a whole need to honor Scottie, Scottie’s the winner, it’s his dinner. So making sure that Scottie gets honored correctly but also realizing the nature of what has transpired and the people that have left, just where our situations are either legally, emotionally, there’s a lot there.”

The champions dinner is scheduled to take place on April 4 at the Augusta National Clubhouse.

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