Creating and managing a Clan in Diablo 4
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Diablo 4’s early access and open beta allows players to boot the game up with their friends even if they are on a different platform. Crossplay, cross-progression, and couch co-op are some of the best quality-of-life features that the RPG offers, making the multiplayer experience incredibly memorable.

Like with previous franchise entries, players will be able to create their own party or clan, making it significantly easier to take down some of the more difficult encounters in the game. Additionally, when you are close to a party member, your character will gain 10% more experience than usual.

However, many players seem confused about creating and managing their clan in the early access beta. Hence, today’s guide will try to help them out by going over some of the features Diablo 4 offers when it comes to customizing one’s clan.

Steps to create a clan in Diablo 4


To start or create a clan in Diablo 4, you can follow these steps:

  • Head to the game Menu once you are on the world map and select the Clan tab. Here, you will get the option to “Create Clan.”
  • Clicking on this option will open up a field where you must enter a name for your party. Make it unique, as the game might not allow duplicate party names.
  • Once you have entered the name, you must enter the Tag in the Clan tag field. Make sure to keep it brief, as you will only have a six-character limit.
  • Set up Clan Description, Language, and Label. While these are optional, it’s best to fill them out. For the beta period at least, players can only create public clans.
  • Once all the information is filled in, click on “Create Clan,” and your party will be set.

Managing your clan in Diablo 4

Customizing your clan is as important as creating it. Managing one ensures that you are able to assign specific roles and ranks to everyone in your party.

There are many options in the Manage Clan section of the Clan Menu. Listed below are the tabs and what they stand for:

1) Summary

This tab is where you can set Clan visibility, Labels, and Message of the Day. It also has the option to “Disband Clan” and “Leave Clan” if you ever wish to do so.


2) Permissions

Here, you will be able to set up the ranks that each party member will hold. You will also be able to promote and demote players here, as well as set who gets to use the in-game voice chat feature.

3) Heraldry

The Heraldry tab will allow you to customize your Clan banner in Diablo 4. Here, you can set the symbols, background color, and more, allowing you to make your party stand out from the rest.

4) Bans

Bans are what you use to kick a member out of your clan. Multiplayer games can be filled with incredibly toxic and abusive individuals, and the ban feature will allow you to do away with them before they can ruin your Diablo 4 experience any further.

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