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Detroit Lions running back D’Andre Swift just completed the third season of his NFL career, all with the team that drafted him, the Detroit Lions.

Swift is a Georgia Bulldogs alum and is set to earn $1,774,397 in 2023. The 35th overall pick of the 2020 NFL draft was selected by the Lions to add depth to their running back room and perhaps take over the starting job later.

Swift did a decent job in his rookie season, as he carried on his form for the Bulldogs to the National Football League. He put up a solid rookie stat line of 114 rush attempts, 521 rushing yards, and eight touchdowns for the 2020 NFL season. This performance made him a fantasy football favorite and a player to watch for the future.

How much has D’Andre Swift earned in his NFL career?

D’Andre Swift has earned $6,894,102 in his NFL career. Swift signed a rookie deal worth $8,538,914 over four seasons. This contract is the standard for running backs selected in the second round of the NFL draft.

Swift was selected early in the draft, thanks to his college performances with SEC powerhouses, the Georgia Bulldogs. Aside from his stellar college career, Swift is bulky for his height, ensuring that he’s difficult to bully off the ball when he’s on the run.

Swift hopes to keep improving his stats while in Detroit, as his next NFL contract could prove to be his most lucrative as a running back.

How did D’Andre Swift perform in 2022?

D’Andre Swift entered the 2022 NFL season with a lot on his target list, as he looked prime to take over the Lions’ backfield.

His 2021 season started off brightly, but it eventually tapered off, leaving him with a stat line of 151 rush attempts, 617 yards, and five touchdowns in 13 games played.

Swift’s 2022 NFL season was similar to his first two professional. He blew hot and cold as consistency was his biggest issue. He had some monster games where he looked like the Georgia version of himself and had some questionable stinkers.

He finished the season with a stat line of 99 rush attempts (career low), 542 rushing yards, and five touchdowns. He also added a career-high three receiving touchdowns for good measure. Hopefully, his 2023 contract year goes significantly better than his first three seasons at the pros.

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