Dead Island 2 expected completion time (Image via Dead Island 2)
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With Dead Island 2 set to release next month, there has been a fair bit of excitement among fans of the franchise who have been waiting since 2011 to get their hands on the next iteration of the series.

Dead Island was first announced in E3 2006, and it took five years for the game to finally be released. Upon release, it received mixed reviews, but over time, the game developed a dedicated fan base who loved many aspects of the series.

Nestled behind grand gates in one of HELL-A’s most prestigious neighborhoods, lies an incredible estate. You should take a look… before it’s too late.

#DeadIsland #SeeYouInHELLA

Nestled behind grand gates in one of HELL-A’s most prestigious neighborhoods, lies an incredible estate. You should take a look… before it’s too late.#DeadIsland #SeeYouInHELLA

With the sequel on the horizon, there is a lot of curiosity among fans about what features and gameplay they can expect from the upcoming title. One of the most popular questions among community members is how long it will take to beat the game once it is officially released.

For those wondering, the story of Dead Island 2 will take around 20 hours to beat. However, it will take significantly longer if players opt for a completionist run.

Dead Island 2 won’t take too long to complete


Dead Island 2’s art director Adam Olsson had previously mentioned that it would take around 20 hours to complete the title. Now, with some of the early previews out, that does seem to be the case.

For those who are looking to just complete the story and finish the game on a casual run, Dead Island 2 is going to take about 18 to 19 hours to finish.

A more average run with some sidequests will take up to 23 hours or more. However, players looking to Platinum the game and unlock all of the achievements will take about 27 hours plus to complete it.

Dead Island 2 will be releasing on April 21, 2023, and arriving on all the major platforms including, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games store.


The game will begin on an evacuation plane that is attempting to rescue the player and other survivors from a now-overrun Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the plane crashes, and the player character is bitten by a zombie, but surprisingly, they do not turn into one.

Upon discovering their immunity to the virus, the player must gather other survivors and fight their way through the city to rescue their crew and contact the government.

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