Gregg Berhalter remains in contention for USMNT coach position following USSF investigation
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US Soccer has concluded the investigation into Gregg Berhalter, clearing the former head coach of further wrongdoing beyond the 1992 incident.

The organization originally launched an inquiry into the decades-old domestic violence incident involving Berhalter and his now-wife Rosalind after the parents of USMNT figure Gio Reyna forced the details into the limelight. USSF confirmed Berhalter “pushed down and kicked” Rosalind in January 1992 when drunk. The two “began to argue inside the bar,” Alston & Bird investigators wrote in their report, “They then left the bar together and continued to argue; once outside, Mrs. Berhalter hit Mr. Berhalter in the face; Mr. Berhalter pushed her to the ground and kicked her twice; Mr. Berhalter was tackled by a passerby, not known to either of the Berhalters.”

Information provided by both Gregg and Rosalind Berhalter was confirmed by witnesses who were informed about the incident in the days after that fight occurred 31 years ago, according to the investigation.

Despite confirmation, Gregg Berhalter has been cleared to work by the law firm that conducted the investigation. Though the 49-year-old’s contract with USMNT expired on December 31, 2022, he now remains as a “candidate to term as head coach of the Men’s National Team”.

“Given the investigators’ conclusion that there is no legal impediment to employing him, Gregg Berhalter remains a candidate to serve as head coach of the Men’s National Team,” stated USSF.

The information came to light through Claudio and Danielle Reyna, as confirmed by the report. The former U.S. World Cup captain Claudio Reyna had a “pattern of periodic outreach” to U.S. Soccer officials over a six-year period from 2016 through the end of 2022 in regards to “U.S. Soccer’s treatment of his children, including primarily his son, USMNT player Gio Reyna.”

The outreach included complaints about refereeing in the U.S. Soccer Development Academy, travel accommodations concerning Claudio Reyna and his son Gio, and the younger player’s role at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The report cited an email from 2018, when Claudio attempted to persuade the U.S. Soccer officials to overturn a red card Gio Reyna received: “Can we get real and have male refs for a game like this. It’s embarrassing guys. What are we trying to prove? A game like this deserves bett[e]r attention.”

His behavior was described as “inappropriate,” “bullying,” and “mean-spirited,” and began as early as 2016 when Gio was a teen on U.S. Youth Teams.

But the situation worsened in 2022, during the World Cup.

After Gregg Berhalter failed to play Gio Reyna in the USMNT’s match against Wales, Claudio Reyna texted former Sporting Director Earnie Steward, “What a complete and utter f***ing joke. Our family is disgusted in the case you are wondering. Disgusted at how a coach is allowed never to be challenged and do whatever he wants.”

The pair went on to “each made a vague comment to U.S. Soccer officials suggesting they knew damaging information about Mr. Berhalter that U.S. Soccer didn’t know.”

“When things don’t go great for Gio, [the Reynas] pivot and go into attack mode,” Gregg Berhalter explained to investigators.

Following the investigation, USSF deemed necessary to review several internal policies. 

“The report also identifies a need to revisit U.S. Soccer’s policies concerning appropriate parental conduct and communications with staff at the National Team level. We will be updating those policies as we continue to work to ensure safe environments for all participants in our game.”

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