New Orleans Pelicans v Los Angeles Lakers
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It appears that D’Angelo Russell’s return to the LA Lakers did him wonders as the organization is reportedly planning to re-sign the guard. Based on how Russell has performed, the Lakers seemed pleased with the results.

“D-Lo” is averaging 17.9 points, 6.4 assists and 3.3 rebounds, suiting up for the purple and gold in 10 games this season.

In 2015, the LA Lakers drafted D’Angelo Russell as the No. 2 pick. Russell immediately proved that he would become a future NBA star. However, he was forced to leave due to locker room issues, abruptly ending a partnership that should’ve lasted longer than expected.

Russell then played for several teams, ultimately becoming the star that he was meant to be in 2018-19 when playing for the Brooklyn Nets. Although he never became an All-Star again, he continued to be an efficient player. After gaining all that experience and growing mentally, LA is now ready to give “D-Lo” his second chance.

Is D’Angelo Russell a perfect fit for the LA Lakers?

Toronto Raptors vs. LA LakersToronto Raptors vs. LA Lakers
Toronto Raptors vs. LA Lakers

Before D’Angelo Russell returned to LA, the Lakers had to settle for Russell Westbrook. While Russ was undeniably a star before joining the purple and gold, things went south when he signed with the team before last season. He struggled to build chemistry with the squad in his first year given how similar Westbrook’s playstyle was to LeBron James’.

During Westbrook’s second season as a Laker, he swallowed his pride and tried to reform himself by accepting a sixth-man role. Things appeared to be turning around between Westbrook and the Lakers. However, the point guard’s flaws were excessive, which still resulted in a plethora of losses. The organization eventually decided to pull the trigger and finally let go of “Brodie.”

The LA Lakers got D’Angelo Russell in return, and it seems like things are going smoothly. Russell is happy to be back in LA and is showing everyone what the organization missed during his absence. It appears that trading Westbrook was the smartest decision all year long.

“D-Lo” is a better point guard in terms of efficiency. Russell takes better shots and doesn’t force things inside the paint. He may not be a triple-double machine like “Brodie,” but at least he’s a more effective scorer. D’Angelo is shooting 38.6% from deep and 45.0% overall. That’s way better compared to Westbrook’s 29.6% from long distance and 41.7% overall with LA.

The Lakers have also reduced their turnover frequency ever since getting rid of Westbrook. The purple and gold have struggled with turnovers all season long, especially with Westbrook as their primary ball handler. “D-Lo’s” return to LA is undeniably a blessing in disguise.

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