Congratulations! ‘Gori Mem’ is about to become a mother, became pregnant after 7 years of marriage, will echo ‘Kilkariya’
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TV’s Gori Maam is about to become a mother? Very soon, the house of Vidisha Srivastava i.e. Anita Bhabhi of the popular TV show ‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain’ is going to reverberate.

Vidisha Srivastava is pregnant. She is going to become a mother after 7 years of marriage. Sources close to Vidisha Srivastava have informed ETimes about her pregnancy. The source told- Vidisha is 6 months pregnant.

‘People don’t know yet, because her baby bump is not much visible. After delivery, she will take a maternity break of 3 months. ‘We will keep her scenes shot in advance, so that the show is not affected if she takes a break.’

The source also told that Vidisha Srivastava has no intention of leaving the show. The source said- The production house is not looking for any replacement for her, as it is clear that she will return to the show after the break.

In ‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain’, actresses have been changed three times for the role of Anita Bhabhi. Presently Vidisha Srivastava is playing the role of Ghori Mam. Vidisha has become famous in every household by becoming a fair meme. Vidisha Srivastava is an actress as well as a model. She has also worked in South. Groom danced in the sangeet with the 40-year-old actress, the couple got romantic before marriage, did Liplock, see here

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